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Dual Draft improves yield, quality, consistency, and plant health.

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Dual Draft Integrated Airflow eliminates microclimate and drainage issues in vertical and single-tier farming, regardless of crop type.

There is no other fully integrated solution that solves drainage and microclimates and integrates into all major manufacturers.

Hurricane Airbox

Hurricane Airbox

Dual Draft Tray System

Vertical Tray System

Zero Clearance Airbox

Zero-Clearance Airbox

Infinity Tray

*NEW* Infinity Tray

Science-Based Innovation Meets Real-World Results

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Southern Sky Brands

Southern Sky Brands Selects the Dual Draft Integrated Airflow System for a State-of-the-Art Mississippi facility

Cultivation Warehouse

Dual Draft Partners With Cultivation Warehouse To Provide Under-Canopy And Over-Canopy Integrated Airflow Solutions

MMJ Daily

MMJ Daily: Microclimate and drainage solutions in vertical cultivation systems

Square Feet of Canopy Installed

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