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Dual Draft improves yield, quality, consistency, and plant health.

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Hurricane Airbox

Hurricane Airbox

Dual Draft Tray System

Tray System

Zero Clearance Airbox

Zero-Clearance Airbox

There is no other fully integrated solution that solves drainage and microclimates and integrates into all major manufacturers.

Science-Based Innovation Meets Real-World Results

Dual Draft Performance Data

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow eliminates microclimate and drainage issues in vertical and single-tier farming, regardless of crop type.

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Southern Sky Brands

Southern Sky Brands Selects the Dual Draft Integrated Airflow System for a State-of-the-Art Mississippi facility

Cultivation Warehouse

Dual Draft Partners With Cultivation Warehouse To Provide Under-Canopy And Over-Canopy Integrated Airflow Solutions

MMJ Daily

MMJ Daily: Microclimate and drainage solutions in vertical cultivation systems









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