In the cannabis industry, branding starts with cultivation. This means that the way the plants are grown and the methods used to produce the final product play a crucial role in shaping the image and reputation of a brand. A well-cultivated product differentiates a brand from its competitors and establishes it as a premium choice in the market. The first step in branding through cultivation is to produce high-quality cannabis that meets the standards of both consumers and regulators. This includes using sustainable growing practices, maintaining strict quality control procedures, and selecting strains known for their cannabinoid and terpene profile. In addition to producing high-quality cannabis, brands can differentiate themselves through how they cultivate their plants. For example, some brands may focus on using organic growing methods, while others may focus on producing cannabis that is grown in a specific climate or region. These unique cultivation methods can help a brand establish a distinct image and differentiate itself from competitors. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Northeastern U.S. cannabis market—states such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, and New Jersey. Where the majority of cannabis brands are, at their heart, cultivators of the plant, this is why Dual Draft Integrated Airflow is attending MJ Unpacked in Manhattan on April 26 – 28, 2023. Looking through the list of featured speakers at this year’s event, we can see that most brands, whether known for their premium flower, THC beverages, or infused edibles, own and operate cannabis cultivation facilities. A strong cannabis brand can help secure the price point in markets that experience price compression. However, just as a rising tide lifts all ships, the same is true when the tide rolls out. Once a brand is established, the need for continued gains in cultivation efficiency is critical to survival. Dual Draft offers greenhouse and warehouse cultivators of cannabis the opportunity to control microclimates and eliminate drainage issues in their farms—two issues costing the average cannabis grower 15% or more in revenue. Growers see improved yield, quality, consistency, and plant health by eliminating these issues. Dual Draft is already supporting phenomenal brands across the U.S., such as The Blue Goose Flower Co., which has reported a 15% increase in yield since installing Dual Draft in their 5,000 square foot canopy craft-flower operation.
“We have seen noticeably stronger and healthier plants since installing Dual Draft with an overall 15% increase in yield and an increase in cannabinoid and terpene expression. Not only are we growing more, higher quality flower, but there was also zero increase in our operational costs.”
Chris Carlino, Owner, Blue Goose Flower Co.
As the cannabis industry begins to align more closely with consumer packaged goods, a CPG strategy, brands recognize the ability to differentiate themselves through their packaging and labeling. Packaging that is eye-catching and memorable can help a brand stand out on dispensary shelves and grab consumers’ attention. Clear and concise labeling accurately representing the product can help build customer trust and enhance a brand’s reputation. However, cannabis is unique due to the perishability and sensitivity of the product as well as the savvy of the consumer base, not to mention the proliferation of the illicit market. As a result, any cannabis CPG strategist worth their rate must recognize that it is “what’s in the bag” that counts. Branding in the cannabis industry starts with cultivation. By producing high-quality cannabis, using unique cultivation methods, and presenting the product in an attractive and trustworthy manner, brands can establish a strong image and reputation in the market. By doing so, they can attract and retain customers and establish themselves as leaders in the industry.