Frequently Asked Questions

How can the duct be cleaned if necessary?

Typically the duct will not accumulate any debris or harbor any type of mold/mildew due to the constant high velocity airflow and positive pressure. This environment is not conducive to the growth of mildew. In the event that duct access is desired to inspect or clean, the trays may simply be lifted off (female side first) to allow access to the duct interior.

What type of filtration does Dual Draft use?

Dual draft filters utilize 20 PPI Polyether foam in ½” thickness, which is mildew and fungal resistant.

Can the filters be cleaned?

Yes, the filters can be washed in hot soapy water and reused.

Where are the trays made?

Dual Draft trays are thermo-formed in Colorado, USA

Can the fans be swapped out in the unlikely event of a failure?

Yes. The Hurricane airbox fans are modular and easily removed without disassembly or removal of the airbox. Zero clearance modules need to be factory serviced in the event of an unlikely failure.

What type of controller is required for the fans?

The fans require a 0-10V analog control signal available from most all room control systems and many stand-alone lighting controllers. Input impedance is approximately 154K ohm.

What are the trays made out of?

The trays are made from white ABS with a UV stabilizer.

How long of a run can the system support?

Dual Draft has extensive test data out to 48 feet, but the system is capable of supporting longer runs. Review the testing data here.

How many grow blocks or pots can I fit on a standard Dual Draft tray?

How many grow blocks or pods can I fit on the Infinity Tray by Dual Draft?

Infinity Tray Grow Media Capacity