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Dual Draft conducted an airflow mapping exercise to validate the air velocity achieved as well as the distribution in a representative (48 foot) run, at different control speeds.

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What Dual Draft has achieved is extremely consistent airflow over the entire length and width of the canopy, which is entirely contrary to what is on the market. Anyone using a competitors system is experiencing inconsistency in airflow, leading to myriad issues. Consistency of environment is what leads to repeatable outcomes within your grow. What these bench tests show is that whether you’re looking at under-canopy, over-canopy, or both; Dual Draft exceeds expectations and achieves the lowest deviation on the market today.

What does this mean for you? Increased yield, quality, consistency, and plant health.

“We set out to provide the industry with a solution that addressed airflow consistency issues seen in other products on the market. What we’ve developed is a patented, innovative system that solves for drainage and microclimates and literally makes plants grow.”

Leigh Zalusky

CTO, Integrated Hydro Solutions


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Dual Draft Airflow Mapping Performance Data