Dual Draft Integrated Airflow System

Dual Draft was built as a revolutionary system, but all our products also work with all major manufacturers. We’re also the only integrated product of its kind on the market.


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Hurricane Airbox

Hurricane Airbox

The Dual Draft Hurricane Airbox is an industry first, utilizing centrifugal fans resulting in the most efficient delivery of airflow to your plants and the only solution that can provide under-canopy and over-canopy airflow.

Dual Draft Tray System

Vertical Tray System

The patented Dual Draft Integrated Airflow system starts with the fully draining plant trays. These ABS, UV-Stabilized, anti-microbial, trays are engineered to ensure your plants consistently receive the exact irrigation volume intended.

Zero Clearance Airbox

Zero-Clearance Airbox

The only purpose-built airflow solution that does not occupy valuable space external to the racking system.