Dual Draft Financing

Dual Draft has formalized a new partnership with Sweet Leaf Madison Capital (SLMC), a nationwide provider of tailored debt financing solutions for the middle-market compliant cannabis industry. As a result, Dual Draft customers now have access to direct financing.

For most cannabis cultivators, margins are shrinking.

Successful efforts to expand legalization has dramatically increased opportunities to grow in a greater number of states across the country. This has resulted in conditions for the industry that have favored greater competition as well as lower prices. And this trend is likely to persist.

Current operators are also faced with the economic reality of price compression during a time of significant operational cost increase, which negatively impacts the ability of cash flow necessary to support strategic, long-term growth.

This combination of factors; price compression, need to increase output and gain efficiency, and a looming recession; has created a perfect storm that requires current operators to take action, now. Access to capital to improve efficiency and economic outcomes allows cultivators to take action.

“This relationship comes at a pivotal point for Dual Draft and the Industry as a whole. Working with SLMC allows us to offer the equipment and capital necessary for cultivators to improve efficiency and economic outcomes in a time of severe price compression — when it is needed most.”

Mark Doherty

COO, Integrated Hydro Solutions