Dual Draft Hurricane Airbox

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow Systems provide airflow, plant trays, drainage, and structural support, for vertical racking and single tier benching, in a fully integrated system. Delivering an average of over 14 meters per second at the outlets above and below the canopy.

Dual Draft improves indoor air quality and plant performance for vertical farmers. The Dual Draft system forces air up from beneath the canopy, where it actually counts.

Brent VanZile

Director of Cultivation, Southern Sky Brands

  • 0-10 Volt EC controllable motors
  • 2530 CFM
  • Fits all major rack manufacturers

Read our product sheet for full specs, dimensions, and airflow stats.

The Dual Draft Hurricane Airbox is an industry first, utilizing centrifugal fans resulting in the most efficient delivery of airflow to your plants and the only solution that can provide under-canopy and over-canopy airflow.

The Dual Draft Hurricane Airbox integrates to all major rack manufacturers, as well as into the Dual Draft Tray System. The Dual Draft Integrated Airflow is a real solution to the issues impacting success: microclimates and poor drainage.