Infinity Tray

The Infinity Tray leverages Dual Drafts patented technology to solve for microclimate and drainage issues in a form factor that addresses the requirements of cultivators operating single-tier growing facilities.

Single-tier growers in cannabis and non-cannabis CEA recognize the benefits of under-canopy airflow to their crop. The Infinity Tray design addresses the unique design considerations, making our solution more readily available

Greg Panella

CEO, Dual Draft

The Infinity Tray by Dual Draft is compatible with Dual Drafts Zero-Clearance and Hurricane Airbox technologies and is available in both 4′ and 5′ widths.

  • Continuous gutter system
  • One point of drainage or multiple points
  • Simplified installation and plumbing
  • Hemispherical under canopy duct technology allows for customized airflow location configurations
  • Tailored to desired grow medium, density and airflow requirements

The Infinity tray system provides under canopy and over canopy airflow while maintaining an uninterrupted growing surface that maximizes growing area. The Infinity system is modular and utilizes an overlapping tile design that allows varying length tray sections to interlock into a continuous uninterrupted surface.