Vertical Tray System

Dual Draft Integrated Airflow eliminates the two most pressing problems in single-tier and vertical farming, poor drainage and microclimates, by integrating the airflow system into fully draining, structural plant trays.

Poor drainage of plant trays opens the door to mold, microbial, and root born disease.

  • Provides under-canopy and over-canopy airflow to plants
  • Fully draining plant trays assure consistent irrigation
  • 8’x4’ and 4’x4’ trays are UV stabilized with anti-microbial properties
  • (2) – 3/4” drain fittings per tray

Read our product sheet for full specs, dimensions, and airflow stats.

The patented Dual Draft Integrated Airflow system starts with the fully draining plant trays. These ABS, UV-Stabilized, anti-microbial, trays are engineered to ensure your plants consistently receive the exact irrigation volume intended.